Resources for New Faculty

The Research Development (RD) team in FAS Research Administration Services provides resources and support to FAS and SEAS faculty seeking internal and external grant and fellowship funding. This includes information and assistance identifying and applying for important early career and scholar awards, grantsmanship advice, proposal development support, and connections with any research-related points of contact.

Members of the RD team reach out to all new FAS and SEAS faculty during their first semester at Harvard to discuss funding interests and to share information about resources and support services for faculty. Following this meeting faculty are provided with a customized list of funding opportunities specific to their research interests.

All FAS and SEAS faculty may make an individual appointment at any time with FAS Research Development to discuss their funding interests and needs. To request Research Development support or arrange an appointment, email

New Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Are there automatic funding alert services available?

Yes, many agencies and sponsors have electronic funding alert services, including those listed below. Additionally, you can sign up for the FAS Division of Science Funding Spotlight RSS Feed for information on notable opportunities and limited submission opportunities.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Other Federal Resources

  • The Federal Register: The official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents. To subscribe to the Federal Register Table of Contents LISTSERV electronic mailing list, go to and select Online mailing list archives, FEDREGTOC-L, Join or leave the list (or change settings); then follow the instructions.
  • Find Grant Opportunities: You can select either e-mail or subscribe to RSS notification of funding.
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What administrative support is available for the preparation, submission and management of grant proposals and awards?

Faculty in the Science Division, SEAS, and some Social Science departments have designated sponsored research administrators. For the Arts & Humanities Division and Social Science departments that do not have a designated sponsored research administrator, FAS Research Administration Services provides full support with proposal preparation, budget preparation, submission of grant applications, managing an award, and preparing and submitting grant progress reports. Faculty and administrators in the Arts & Humanities Division may contact Katherine Zuccala at or 617-496-3627 for advice and assistance. Faculty and administrators in the Social Science Division in a department without a designated sponsored research administrator may contact Jimmy Matejek-Morris at or 617-496-6216. These sponsored research administrators can answer all of your questions about applying for funding and will provide support for these activities as well.

Who can help me create a budget for my proposal?

Faculty in the Science Division, SEAS, and some Social Science departments have designated sponsored research administrators. Research Administration Services offers support for administrative aspects of the proposal preparation and submission process for departments that do not have a designated sponsored research administrator, including construction of proposal budgets and coordination of the University’s review and submission process. Faculty in the Arts & Humanities Division may contact Katherine Zuccala ( or 617-496-3627) and faculty in the Social Science Division may contact Jimmy Matejek-Morris ( or 617-496-6216).

What is the proposal submission process at Harvard?

In FAS, all requests for funding to be submitted to an external sponsor must be reviewed and approved by the following entities prior to submission:

  1. The PI’s Department Chair;
  2. the Dean of FAS or his/her designee;
  3. and, on behalf of the President and Fellows of Harvard College, by and Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) at the Office for Sponsored Programs or, for industry sponsored agreements, the Office of Technology Development.

The PI's grant administrator will submit the proposal on the PI's behalf. The grant administrator will route the proposal appropriately and help to obtain all of the necessary signatures/approvals.

Proposals must be submitted to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Sponsored Programs five (5) business days before they are due to the sponsor, per Harvard’s Proposal Submission Policy. For more information about the review process see Review and Submission. Complete support with the proposal submission process is provided to departments in the Social Science Division that do not have a designated sponsored research administrator and all faculty in the Arts & Humanities Division. If planning a submission, faculty in the Arts & Humanities Division should contact Katherine Zuccala ( or 617-496-3627) and faculty in the Social Science Division should contact Jimmy Matejek-Morris ( or 617-496-6216) as early as possible. 

Do all proposals require institutional review prior to submission?

In most cases, proposals to external sponsors require institutional authorization. They are therefore submitted through Harvard’s Office of Sponsored Programs and are subject to institutional review. Some opportunities, such as fellowships and certain sabbatical opportunities, may be submitted directly by faculty to the sponsor without institutional review. If you are planning a submission, please contact your sponsored research administrator as early as possible with an indication of your intention to apply to receive support with the review and submission process and for clarification on whether institutional review is required for a specific opportunity. Faculty in Social Science departments that do not have a designated sponsored research administrator should contact Jimmy Matejek-Morris at Faculty in the Arts and Humanities Division should contact Katherine Zuccala at

What support or services does Research Administration Services offer to faculty looking for sabbatical funding?

The Research Development team in FAS Research Administration Services performs customized funding searches to locate those opportunities that best suit your sabbatical plans. We offer advice on strategies for submitting competitive proposals and will review your proposal against sponsor requirements. Please contact to discuss your sabbatical needs.

What are indirect costs (or overhead)?

Indirect costs are also commonly referred to as overhead, facilities and administrative costs (F&A), IDC, or indirects. Charging assessments on gifts and allocating indirect costs on grants enable FAS and SEAS to recoup a portion of the overhead costs associated with externally funded activities and the reimbursement of these costs provides FAS and SEAS with a source of revenue to reinvest in its infrastructure, which, in turn, supports the academic pursuits of our faculty. More information on current federal rates, as well as the FAS/SEAS policy regarding sponsors that do not cover the required minimum 15% overhead, can be found here

Are there any exceptions to the FAS/SEAS policy requiring a minimum 15% overhead on sponsored funding?

Assessments are categorically waived on the following classes of funds: Financial aid, or other student support; grants for construction; grants for equipment and instrumentation; assessments that are limited or prohibited by law or other governmental restriction. Capital equipment expenditures on sponsored awards are also exempt from this policy. Of further note, it is recognized by FAS/SEAS that postdoctoral fellowships, early career awards, and sabbatical fellowships normally have a specific limit to assessments or indirect cost rate. FAS/SEAS will recognize any assessment/IDC limits to such awards, and does not need further action, such as a waiver or direct charge of other costs.