Biosafety Compliance

The University provides service and support for laboratory and research activities that may involve exposure to biohazardous agents or materials.

Environmental Health and Safety
The Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) group provides comprehensive safety support in many areas including general laboratory safety, biosafety, and radiation safety.  EH&S focuses on providing resources and expertise regarding the assessment and control of biological hazards including recombinant and synthetic DNA, infectious agents, and human materials.

Harvard Committee on Microbiological Safety (COMS)
COMS is a standing faculty committee that reviews all research involving recombinant DNA as well as work involving biohazards at Harvard and its affiliated institutions.  The Office of Biological Safety provides the technical review of COMS applications and supports the biosafety programs by providing additional risk assessment as well as establishing policies and procedures.

FAS Division of Science (Safety and Compliance)
The FAS Division of Science (Safety and Compliance) provides lists of important lab safety contact numbers, Harvard Safety Guides and Manuals, and FAS Division of Science Safety Committees.

FAS Environment and Safety Plan
The FAS Environment and Safety Plan identifies the roles, responsibilities, communications networks, and training programs to ensure the safety of its personnel and the environment in FAS activities.