Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits rates are a direct cost item and represent the pooled cost of employee benefits divided by the total salaries in each University employee class.

Proposals should only be budgeted using approved fringe rates,  rather than basing out years on projected rates.



DHHS Approval Date  5/4/2017 3/7/2018
Faculty 24.8% 23.9%
Exempt staff (including vacation assessment) 41.1% 41.5%
Non-exempt (including vacation assessment*) 55.6% 55.7%
Temporary 7.9% 7.5%
HU Postdoc (object code 6150) 25.7% 25.4%

Postdoc Stipendee (object code 6450)

Flat rate:

$9504 / year
$792 / month

Flat rate:

$9984 / year
$832 / month

The Office for Sponsored Programs Fringe Benefits Rates page contains more information about Fringe Benefits, details rates for appointment types beyond those listed above, and posts copies of recent and current Fringe Rate agreements .

Some sponsors may require details about what comprises the FY19  Postdoc Stipendee Fringe Rate.

*Vacation Assessment:
The FY18 Vacation Assessment is 10.1%. The FY19 Vacation Assessment is 10.4%
For help calculating vacation fringe on professional staff salaries, see Personnel
For policy information related to vacation fringe, see the Absence Management Policy (OSP)