Systems & Tools

FAS Systems


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has implemented Aurora to replace the current FAS Personnel Information Network, ASPerIN. Aurora supports Staff, Temp/LHT, TF/TA, Faculty and other academic appointment processing in a new system that is streamlined and user-friendly. Training on Aurora is available through the FAS Administrative Systems Assistance Program (ASAP).

Access to Aurora is provided by the FAS systems security unit and can be requested via email.


University Systems

Harvard University has deployed the web-based system, ecrt, to serve as the new tool to facilitate the effort certification and reporting process.


HCOM (Harvard Crimson Online Marketplace)
HCOM is a comprehensive procure-to-pay online shopping tool where users request, approve and receive goods and services.   The system has functionality that enforces more robust controls on the amounts that the user can approve. The system performs requisitions, purchase orders, receiving, returns, and invoice payment. For purchases using federal sponsored funds, the Vendor Justification Form has been incorporated into HCOM at the requisition stage. If charges with a single vendor exceed $5,000 and a federal fund is used, the requisitioned will be required to fill out the justification information in the ‘Split Cost Allocation’ screen before submitting the requisition for approval. Debarment Certification may also be completed through HCOM. More information on access, training, system updates, and other relevant details can be found on the Harvard Job Aids site.

Vendor Justification Form
For purchases of $5,000 or more with federal funds, and other purchases exceeding $10,000, a Harvard University Vendor Justification/Price Verification Form must be completed. HCOM users may complete the Vendor Justification Form online.

Debarment Certification
For federally funded purchases with a cumulative total of $25,000 or more, a Debarment Certificate must be completed. The vendor must complete a certificate when the Purchase Order is created and the certificate must be retained by the department. HCOM users may complete Debarment Certification online.



Grants Management Application Suite (GMAS)
GMAS is a grants management application developed by Harvard and debuted at the University in 2004. This application is used to submit requests to sponsors, to view proposals and award documents, to see detailed expenses, and to compare budgeted expenses to actual transactions.

Access to GMAS can be arranged by contacting FAS Application Security, through the departmental authorized requestor. Periodic GMAS workshops are also offered.



PI Dashboard

The PI Dashboard is a reporting and projection tool for faculty and financial staff to report on sponsored and non-sponsored funding sources and project future expenses. The PI Dashboard serves as a one-stop-shop that provides a comprehensive and accurate view of expense data, detailed reporting, dashboards and analytics.

Access to PI Dashboard can be arranged by contacting FAS Application Security for those affiliated with FAS departments, or by contacting Pam Baker-Webber for those affiliated with SEAS departments.