Submission Timeline

The 5-day review period

Proposal review and submission is a collaborative process between the Office for Sponsored Program (OSP), FAS Research Administration Services (RAS) and the Department / Principal Investigator (PI).  Below is an administrative overview of what happens during the 5-day review period.

  • Department locks and routes final proposal for approvals in GMAS, 5 business days before the sponsor's deadline per the University-wide Proposal Submission Policy.  
    • Departments submitting proposals that do not comply with the 5-day proposal submission policy must request an exception in writing from OSP in order to move forward with the review and submission of proposal.
    • Both PI and Department Signatory should sign off in GMAS at this time indicating that, to the best of their knowledge, the proposal is final and ready for submission. Proposals without Department signatures in GMAS are not considered final.
  • OSP and RAS strive to complete reviews and provide review feedback 3 business days before the sponsor’s deadline. This allows time to make corrections as needed before the deadline.  OSP, RAS and the Department collaborate on any adjustments on Proposals per Reviewer feedback.
    • Note that the review and revision process described here will not apply for late proposals.  With exception requests, there may not be enough time to do a complete review. Proposals are reviewed as they are received in OSP.
  • Proposals meeting 1 or more of the Provost Review criteria will also be reviewed during the 5-day period.  Because the Provost Review Criteria may require a response from the PI and a significant amount of time on the part of the Provost’s Office, it is strongly recommended that Departments become familiar with these criteria and alert RAS and OSP to them as early as possible in the application process.
  • Once all review issues are addressed and the final proposal has been uploaded to GMAS, RAS signs off in GMAS indicating that school level review is complete. OSP then submits the proposal in GMAS and sponsor's portal and sends out submission confirmation to all participants.