Resources for Researchers

A compilation of resources to support the research community at Harvard University

The following are links to pages providing internal and external resources for researchers of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences:

Working with Industry

Resources for technology and research advancement within industry collaborations 

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Data Management

Resources to support data use, data sharing, and the data life cycle

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Research Integrity

Resources to provide researchers with guidance on community-wide best practices for the responsible conduct of research

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Research Design

Resources to support experimental design and reproducibility

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Lab Management and Expectations

Resources to support best practices in lab management, authorship, mentorship, and the support of research personnel

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Regulated Materials and Research Subjects

Resources to support compliance and oversight involving regulated materials, and research with humans, animals and stem cells

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Resources to support successful research collaboration, subrecipients, and the advancement of team science

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Other sponsored research resources can be found here.

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