Successful collaboration within the University, across the country, or across the globe involves attention to communication, effective planning, discussion of expectations, and financial support. The resources below highlight some tools for best practices in collaboration:

Office of Technology Development (OTD) resources for collaboration, sharing of materials, reagents, and material transfer agreements (MTAs)

Setting Up Collaborations - General webpage for resources and templates

Sharing materials - Sample templates and resources related to material transfer agreements

International project work guidance for overseas research collaborations

University International Work Guidance - Guidelines and resources for international collaborations

University International Research Project Planning Guide - Resources for planning international collaborations

Global Support Safety and Security - Resources for safety and security when working within an international collaboration

University International Budget Development - Resources for budgeting international collaborations

Subrecipient monitoring

FAS Subrecipient Monitoring - FAS resource page for subrecipient monitoring

University Subrecipient Monitoring Toolkit - University resources for monitoring subrecipient collaborations

Export control resources

FAS Export Controls - FAS policy regarding shipping to, traveling to, collaboration with, or receiving materials from countries that may be the subject of sanctions

University Export Controls Policies and Procedures

Intellectual property related to collaborations

Statement of Policy Regarding Intellectual Property - University policy related to intellectual property

Protection of Intellectual Property - University guidance on best practices for protecting intellectual property

Visitor Participation Agreements

Visitor Participation Agreements - University guidance related to visiting researchers or third parties in the sharing of funds, facilities, equipment, materials, space or other resources

SEAS Guidance on Visiting Researchers - SEAS-specific guidance regarding visiting researchers or third parties in the sharing of funds, facilities, equipment, materials, space or other resources at SEAS