Alan Berkeley

Manager of Research Finance, Compliance & Training

Effort Reporting, Supplemental Salary; SPECTRA (Supplemental Salary Requests); Administrative Salaries, A-133 Audit Review; Cost Transfer Review, Subrecipient Monitoring, Sponsored Budget Upload; Uniform Guidance interpretations

p: 617-495-1837

Jennifer Corby

Research Development Officer

Identification of funding opportunities; proposal development support; funding opportunity database training; monitoring federal funding trends; Star-Friedman Challenge

p: (617) 495-1590

Susan Gomes

Director of Research Development and Strategy

Strategy and operations lead for FAS research development team including finding funding, large scale proposal development, grantsmanship advice, proposal development resources, advice and support; site visit planning; campus visits by sponsors.

p: (617) 496-9448

Erin Hale

Senior Research Development Officer

Funding opportunity identification and dissemination; proposal development support; limited submission opportunities; Dean's Competitive Fund

p: (617) 496-5252