Apply for Funding

The Pre-Award team supports faculty and administrators in the preparation of grant and fellowship applications, management of sponsored awards, development of non-disciplinary components of proposals, and enhancement of proposal competitiveness. We facilitate the internal proposal review and submission process, ensure adherence to sponsor guidelines and University policies, and ensure compliance with sponsor terms and conditions as well as University policies.

An outline of the application process including administrative roles and a sample timeline.

Getting Started
Information about systems access, PI eligibility, application types, proposal checklists and the differences between gifts and grants.

Proposal Development Resources
Guidelines, templates, tools and other resources to assist with application preparation and enhance proposal competitiveness.

Budget Preparation
A line-by-line guide to building a budget that accurately reflects a project's scope of work and complies with University and sponsor policy.

Review and Submission
Describes what happens during the 5-day review period and the primary concerns addressed by each level of review.

Award Setup
An overview of the steps leading from award notice to account setup.