When should I start looking and applying for sabbatical funding?

Sabbatical funding opportunity deadlines often fall at least a year before your leave start date. Some sponsors run competitions even earlier; the National Endowment for the Humanities has a May deadline for projects beginning as early as January the following year and as late as the following September.

I am a Junior Faculty member - am I eligible to apply for sabbatical funding?

Yes. Although some sponsors programs are directed toward mid- to senior-level faculty, most sponsors open competitions to all tenured and tenure-track faculty and even some offer programs specifically for junior faculty. Please keep in mind that competitions open to all faculty are highly competitive but certainly not out of reach for new faculty.

Can I find sabbatical funding for one semester or less?

Yes. Some sabbatical funders will only support faculty for an entire academic year leave; however, some give faculty the option of receiving funding for 6 months or less while still others will only fund faculty for less than one semester. Be sure to read the sponsor’s award information or contact Research Development for a tailored funding search based on your needs.

What support or services does Research Administration Services offer to faculty looking for sabbatical funding?

The Research Development team in FAS Research Administration Services performs customized funding searches to locate those opportunities that best suit your sabbatical plans. We offer advice on strategies for submitting competitive proposals and will review your proposal against sponsor requirements. Please contact to discuss your sabbatical needs.