Policies and Guidance

Principal Investigator Eligibility

For each sponsored award, it is customary to designate as PI one person who bears ultimate responsibility for academic decisions as well as for financial, administrative, and compliance matters relating to the project.  Only  teaching members of the Faculty and a select number of other academic appointees are accorded Principal Investigator rights and may seek external research support on a continuing basis.... Read more about Principal Investigator Eligibility

Gift vs. Grant

Investigators working with new sponsors should attempt to clarify whether funding will be made available to them in the form of a gift or a grant. Gifts and grants are handled by two separate Harvard units and each carry their own distinct sets of policies and procedures.... Read more about Gift vs. Grant

Getting Started

The FAS Research Administration Services Pre-Award Team assists FAS faculty and their department administrators with searching and applying for sponsored funding opportunities.  The RAS Pre-Award Team contacts for the Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts & Humanities divisions may be found in the Contacts section on the far-left side of this page.

For an overview of how FAS Research Administration Services is involved in the support and oversight of sponsored research in FAS and SEAS, please review the...

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Export Controls Policy

The Harvard University policy on export controls should be consulted before carrying, shipping or otherwise sending materials outside of the United States, traveling to countries that may be the subject of sanctions, collaborating with a foreign national outside of Harvard University or any...

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Supplemental Salary

With the approval of external sponsors and the University, faculty members are permitted to augment academic salaries with sponsored funds for up to 3/9ths of the academic salary, as compensation for the time spent on the associated sponsored research projects.  A quantifiable supplemental faculty compensation request in a grant proposal constitutes a commitment of effort that must be fulfilled, whether or not salary is paid for the effort on that project.  Any committed effort that is not compensated by the project becomes a cost-sharing burden for the FAS.


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Effort Reporting Policy

Adherence to this policy is required for all effort related to federally sponsored grants and contracts as well as any non-federal awards where the sponsor requires effort reporting and/or salary certification.

See also:
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