Policies and Guidance

Administrative Salaries

The University defines administrative and clerical personnel as providing non-technical supporting services that benefit departmental, institute, or center activities or objectives, including functions such as clerical support, financial management, procurement of materials and services, business services, budget and planning, and personnel management. 

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Sponsored Financial Reporting and Closeout Policy

Principal Investigators are responsible for managing expenditures on their grants and for working with administrators to project sponsored accounts and ensure that over-expenditures do not occur. If interest charges on deficits are significant, they are passed on from Harvard’s central bank to FAS departments and centers, which may in turn pass them on to non-sponsored fund(s) belonging to the PI. (Policy is being revised)

Subrecipient Monitoring Policy

Federal funding agencies require that institutions working on subawards under Harvard prime awards follow all of the rules and regulations that would apply if the award had been issued to them directly.

Cost Sharing

Cost-sharing commitments are generally discouraged in proposals unless they are required by the sponsor. If a proposal commits a quantified portion of a PI’s academic year effort or lists other direct costs that will be paid for by University or sponsored funds, this constitutes a commitment by the University to cost share. Cost shared effort needs to be certified annually, and companion accounts must be set up to track any other items committed.... Read more about Cost Sharing

Open Access Policy

This FAS policy, in effort to disseminate the fruits of research and scholarship as widely as possible, describes the permissions granted to the  President and Fellows of Harvard College to make available any scholarly articles and to exercise the copyright in those articles written while a person is a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Intellectual Property

The Statement of Policy in Regard to Intellectual property covers the University’s policy governing the ownership and disposition of intellectual property which includes, but is not limited to, inventions, copyrights (including computer software), trademarks, and tangible research property such as biological materials.

Cost Transfers

In accordance with OMB costing principles, it is necessary to explain and justify transfers of charges onto federally-funded sponsored awards, where the original charge was previously recorded elsewhere on Harvard's General Ledger.

Sponsored Travel Policy

In addition to the general policy surrounding travel at Harvard, when traveling on federally-sponsored awards there are other important considerations. This policy provides an overview of these considerations including the Fly America Act, Open Skies Agreement and information on Code Share.

FAS Addendum to the Travel Policy

In addition to the Harvard Travel Policy, FAS has more specific and restrictive guidance for meals, family travel, processing exceptions and faculty recruitment.