FAS Supplemental Salary Payment Policy

Effective July 1, 2015, FAS will change the policy on faculty supplemental salary to simplify the process for faculty and administrators. Previously, faculty make supplemental salary requests twice per fiscal year, and payments are made in varying monthly amounts throughout the fiscal year, with large payments occurring in the summer months. Under the new policy, faculty will make a single supplemental salary request at the start of the fiscal year (and when they receive new grants providing supplemental salary), and the supplemental salary payments will be spread evenly across all months of the fiscal year (or across the remaining months of the fiscal year for new grants).  

The previous process was confusing to faculty and administrators, administratively burdensome, and prone to error. The change will simplify processing and standardize monthly supplemental salary payments. Supplemental salary will be paid over 12 months of the fiscal year independent of when the work is performed, consistent with the way the 9-month academic year salary is paid. Faculty will meet the federal government’s requirement to confirm effort devoted to sponsored projects through the annual salary certification process. 

Under the new policy, faculty will make one request in May for 1, 2, or 3 months of supplemental salary to be paid over the next fiscal year.  The request will include supplemental salary from sponsored grants and Dean’s ninths. Payments will be spread evenly across July through June of the next fiscal year. While the number of months of supplemental salary once declared is fixed for the fiscal year, the faculty, with help from the department administrators, will be able to request changes during the year to the allocation of payments to grants.  When a faculty member receives a new award with supplemental salary starting before the next fiscal year, s/he may immediately increase the number of supplemental months, up to 3, or change the allocation of supplemental salary across sponsored grants and Dean’s ninths. Supplemental salary payments may vary during a year due to one-term sabbatical leaves and the completion of a grant.

See Dean Smith Announcement (March 12, 2015)