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News and Announcements

Revised University Subrecipient Monitoring Policy Released

January 7, 2016

The revised University Subrecipient Monitoring Policy has just been released. This updated policy is meant to instruct faculty and research administration staff on implementing necessary procedures to ensure Harvard’s proper stewardship of sponsor funds issued through subawards. Funds issued through Harvard subawards to subrecipient organizations should receive the same level of scrutiny as funds remaining at Harvard.

New Subrecipient Monitoring Inbox Created

October 26, 2015

Have you ever received a request from a sponsor to complete an  A-133 Certification Statement/Questionnaire or have received an email like this...

This is to inform you that we are ready to issue a subaward agreement to your institution but require the attached document be completed and returned. Once the completed form has been received by our office, we will have the agreement and purchase order issued to process your invoices.