Funding Opportunity: Dean's Competitive Fund for Promising Scholarship

February 7, 2017

Dean Smith has announced the spring 2017 call for applications for the Dean’s Competitive Fund for Promising Scholarship, a targeted program that provides funding in the following categories:

  1. Bridge funding, to allow faculty to continue work on previously funded research that does not currently have external funding; Faculty who apply in this category should demonstrate that efforts have been made or will be made to obtain new external funding.
  2. Seed funding, to encourage faculty to pursue exciting new research directions that might not yet be ready to compete in traditional funding programs; and 
  3. Enabling subventions, to provide small funds to purchase (or upgrade) critical equipment or for travel.  Applicants for such funds must have no existing startup funds on which they could draw for this purpose.
  4. Sabbatical top-up, to provide additional salary support to supplement a funded external fellowship.  Apply in this category only if you have received confirmation that an external fellowship will be awarded. Additional information can be found here.