Research Administration Services is dedicated to supporting the research and scholarly activities of FAS faculty in collaboration with research and administrative staff.

Our support areas include:

Strategic services for faculty seeking grant funding
We provide resources and support to those seeking funding by helping to navigate the many federal, foundation, and internal Harvard funding sources and funding search databases.  The FAS RAS Research Development team works directly with faculty and administrators to identify potential funding opportunities that match their specific research needs and priorities, and provides strategic advice to faculty pursuing sponsored funding.  We keep faculty and administrators apprised of notable funding opportunities by monitoring current funding trends and providing targeted funding announcements, and administer the FAS selection process for limited submission opportunities. 

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Sponsored research proposal development, review, award and financial management 
We support faculty and administrators in the preparation of grant and fellowship applications, management of sponsored awards, development of non-disciplinary components of proposals, and enhancement of proposal competitiveness. We facilitate the internal proposal review and submission process, ensure adherence to sponsor guidelines and University policies, and ensure compliance with sponsor terms and conditions as well as University policies. We also provide direct support to FAS departments and centers by filling short-term research administration vacancies with experienced and highly functioning grant administrators and support departments and faculty on targeted pre- and post-award projects through FAS Temporary Research Administration Consulting (FASTRAC).

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Creation, implementation and upkeep of research policy, systems, and procedures
We develop and maintain school-level research policies, systems, and procedures encompassing all areas of sponsored research including proposal development, award management, financial compliance and auditing, research compliance, and faculty research governance.  We participate in University-wide policy and system committees in order to provide key input towards University-wide policies and systems that support sponsored research.

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Professional development of researchers and research administrators
We conduct trainings and workshops to foster the professional development of FAS administrators who work with researchers, as well as regular programs and events designed to increase awareness of current topics in research administration.  We also provide programming for faculty designed to increase grantsmanship knowledge and understanding of Federal and University policies related to the conduct of research.  Additionally, the FAS Temporary Research Consulting (FASTRAC) team is available to help train and mentor new research administration staff upon request. 

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Research integrity guidance
We uphold policies and procedures to foster a proper research environment, to support and monitor research activities, and to deal promptly and effectively with misconduct or allegations of misconduct in research.  We offer training and guidance on the responsible conduct of research for those desiring to deepen their knowledge of ethical research and responsible conduct or fulfill the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) requirements for formal Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) instruction.

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Compliance monitoring and audit support
We support faculty and administrators in the management of sponsored projects from the point the award is set-up through award close-out.  We provide the information, training and support required to comply with federal regulations and FAS/University policies. We provide guidance and support to faculty and administrators during the University's annual OMB Circular A-133 audit process and routine internal or external sponsored audits. We perform continuous monitoring of several high risk compliance areas, communicate with administrators and staff on areas of potential weakness and provide recommendations for improvement.

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Administrative staffing for faculty-led committees