Krista Ernewein

Krista Ernewein

Research Compliance Specialist

Krista Ernewein is a Research Compliance Specialist in Research Administration Services for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applies Sciences. Krista enjoys assisting FAS/SEAS faculty and fCOI participants, liaises with central and departmental administration on compliance matters, performs compliance reviews for annual financial conflict of interest disclosures, as well as assist with compliance questions related to sponsored projects. 

Krista is on faculty with NCURA Region 1 to teach Research Administration Fundamentals course. Krista transitioned from nearly 15 years of sponsored research administration to the research compliance team in February 2020. Krista remains closely aligned with the sponsored research community, providing insights from her prior roles in the central, school and departmental levels, as well as a laboratory researcher at the start of her career.  

Krista holds a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology, and a Master’s Degree in Dramatic Arts. Krista is also a lyric Mezzo Soprano trained in classical vocal performance, stage and immersive theatre, as well as traditional/legit Broadway and jazz of the 30s-50s. Krista is a native New Orleanian, enjoys sci-fi/comic genres and loves to cosplay, especially while volunteering in movie-quality Star Wars costumes for social and charitable events. 

Contact Information

p: (617) 384-0181