Onboarding New Administrators

The Guidelines below list types of duties performed and recommend materials and classes to help with those duties. Please confer with and get further advice from your supervisor and/or your departmental grants manager.

The FASTRAC (FAS Temporary Research Administration Consulting) Program can also provide onboarding, mentoring and coaching services to supplement the materials and classes listed below.


Please note, many of the resources below will require you to log in with an HUID and PIN.

If you... We recommend that you...
Order supplies or materials, prepare or approve transactions charged to sponsored accounts, book or process travel reimbursements, or oversee and/or approve any of these things

Sign up for the following:

Familiarize yourself with:

  • The Research Finances portion of this website, specifically
    • Spending Sponsored Funds
    • Monitoring & Reporting, specifically
      - Monthly Account Monitoring
      - Non-Financial Reports
    • Project Changes
    • Equipment Management
    • Audits
    • Other sections as recommended by your manager
  • Harvard Chart of Accounts on the Harvard Office of the Controller's website
  • The OC also houses a full Excel Object Code List
  • Glossary of sponsored research acronyms on the OSP website

Review and enroll in the University-wide courses listed on OSP's Recommended Sponsored Trainings page

These include

  • Introduction to Sponsored Projects Administration
  • Cost Principles
  • Direct Costs
  • Introduction to Cost Transfers
  • Travel and Reimbursement Overview
  • Sponsored Equipment Management

Download and read the following FAS RAS Resources:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Spending Sponsored Funds
  • Budgeting for Proposals and Awards
Provide grants management information to researchers

The above AND:

Familiarize yourself with

Take the following University-wide Systems Courses:

Take the following University-wide Online Courses:

  • Subrecipient Monitoring
  • Financial Oversight of Sponsored Funding: What Researchers Need to Know

Review the following FAS RAS Resources:


Request Supplemental Salary or coordinate effort certifications
Prepare grant proposals

Familiarize yourself with the following portions of this website


Help researchers find funding opportunities

Familiarize yourself with the Find Funding portion of this website