October 21, 2020

This summer, Dean Kirwan announced the appointment of Dr. Kate Pritchett-Corning to the position of Attending Veterinarian and Director of the Office of Animal Resources. Dr. Pritchett-Corning has served as the Senior Clinical Veterinarian since 2014 and for the past year as the Interim Attending Veterinarian. Relatedly, the staff of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, who recently relocated from RAS to Science Operations, will now be managed by Dr. Pritchett-Corning in her Attending Veterinarian role. The outstanding IACUC team have made a seamless transition to this new structure. Many thanks to them for their flexibility and unfailing, dedicated support to the animal research program. The IACUC team continue to be accessible via iacuc@fas.harvard.edu and at https://iacuc.fas.harvard.edu/ .