Guidance for Completion of NIH Other Support and NSF Current and Pending Support

October 23, 2019

Dear RAS Community,

The recently released “Update for Faculty and Principal Investigators” has raised some questions about what resources should be reported in NIH “Other Support” (OS) and NSF “Current and Pending Support (C&P).” These disclosures are being carefully reviewed by the federal agencies and in recent months NIH and NSF have issued reminders, clarifications and proposed changes to the requirements. We expect that the requirements are likely to change in the future, however, we want to remind you of the current policies for NIH and NSF.

We have developed two guidance documents to help you better understand the agency’s regulations (NIH GPS and NSF PAPPG) and expectations, especially what internal/institutional resources should be reported in OS and C&P. We hope these documents will be helpful to you as you assist your PI in completing OS and C&P pages. We will be updating these documents periodically to reflect feedback we receive and when agency requirements change. We appreciate your cooperation and welcome any feedback you have. Please feel free to contact me or Webb Brightwell.