FAS Sponsored Project Accounting Reports (FASSPAR)

FASSPAR is a tool that provides a suite of reports, some general and others quite detailed, for a Principal Investigator’s sponsored accounts. FASSPAR gives summaries of the PI’s sponsored portfolio and a PER-like report for each individual account. It also offers specialized reports on personnel, purchases, equipment, deadlines, cost sharing, and invalid code combinations. The program accommodates purchasing encumbrances, decreasing available balances by the amounts of unpaid purchase orders; it also estimates future charges based on history of past charges, excluding equipment and travel.

In addition to automatic projections in the Overview report and Report A, there is also an embedded Projection Spreadsheet, which is prepopulated with monthly actual expenditure data from the start of the grant to the present, broken down by expense class. The report projects monthly personnel expenses for the remaining months of the grant period. It also projects average monthly expenses in various categories including supplies, printing and publishing, consultant costs, etc. Actual and projected expenses can be graphed within the spreadsheet and compared with an idealized straight-line spending pattern. Rows can be added to the spreadsheet corresponding to future employees for whom appointments do not yet exist, and the effect of their costs on the projected expenditure “burn rate” can be examined. These “what-if” scenarios can be saved on the FASSPAR server for later use. FASSPAR can also be used to upload budgets to Harvard’s General Ledger.

Access to FASSPAR can be arranged with Application Security, through the departmental financial administrator.